Pastor Mike Devine is truly blessed to be a part of Arbor Pointe.  Mike’s originally from California, is recovering, plays guitar, and has an interestingly varied history! He is married to Kit since 1992.  One of the clear themes of Mike’s ministry comes from #BeYou4Him.  He believes each of us is created to be who we are, but to be who we are (using our gifts, graces, and talents) for God’s glory!  God’s love is a powerful catalyst for change and he shares everywhere he goes.


Patty Moore – Children’s Director


Patty has been serving as Children’s Director since Fall, 2020 and loves engaging families and helping them grow in their faith.  Patty has way more energy than anyone any of us know (probably more than anyone y’all know as well) and loves to worship!  She is the mom of four college age kids (Aidan, O’Bryan, Delaney, and Katie) who are amazing!  She heads up our special needs ministry “The Mighty” and is a Specialist in that field.

Mike Roberts – Worship Leader

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Growing up in a musical family, combined with the British invasion of the Beatles, doomed Mike to a lifelong passion for music. He played in several garage bands before becoming a “professional” musician from 1975 to 1992. During this time Mike did session work but primarily played in local bands for a living, most notably “Spade”, “Blind Date” and “The Ron Kimble Band.” The musical highlight of his professional musical career was playing guitar for “BJ Thomas” between 1985-1990.

Mike has been the Praise Band leader at Arbor Pointe for the past 8 years after serving in similar capacity at The Spring UMC in Flowery Branch.