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THE Journey - Week 1

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June 25th - Have Church Will Travel: Ephesians

June 18th - Have Church, Will Travel: Galatians

Have Church, Will Travel: Galatians Read Gal 1:1-5; Phil 1:1-2; Eph 1:1-2; Col 1:1-2 (read others if you want). What do you notice is different? Read 1:11-2:14 Why is it that Paul feels a need to defend himself and give his 'resume' to start this letter? What is a "Judaizer"? What was their impact? Read 2:15-21 This is a synopsis of Paul's Theology of Salvation. What do you get from this passage? What does it mean to be saved by grace through faith, not or works lest anyone may boast? Read 4:21-5:12 Paul points to God's Promise to Abraham being the path to freedom, not the Law as given to Moses. Discuss what this passage means in our present day context - are we placing ourselves in bondage or living in freedom? Read 5:13-26 Discuss. Fruit of the Spirit: I will assert that this fruit is one fruit with 9 characteristics and, unlike spiritual gifts, every Christian life should exhibit each of these characteristics. When viewing the fruit of the spirit in that way - how are you doing? Which are challenging? Which are easy? How might we support one another in living a fruitful life?

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Continuation from last week: Spend time sharing your testimony with one another in 5 minutes or less per person. (There is a guide in last week's lesson if you need help) Paul tells his story in Acts 22. His before is in the first verses, his point of acceptance is the Road to Damascus experience, and his after was God sending him to the Gentiles. Some have a moment of conversion and others have just always known God. Both stories ate important to tell. Discuss each and their importance- those who remember a moment of acceptance and those who have always been believers. Scripture this week is Colossians 3:12-17. Focus is again in sharing the grace, love, and peace we have received with others. Discuss what MAKE A FRIEND, BE A FRIEND, INTRODUCE YOUR FRIEND TO CHRIST looks like in action. Discuss that sharing of faith is words AND deeds and why we tend to hope people see Christ in our actions and have a hard time talking about Jesus.

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