Grow To Be You Day School

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Our Mission…

The mission of Grow to Be You Dayschool is to give children their first exposure to education and social development within a Christian environment. We are committed to helping children grow and develop physically, socially, emotionally, intellectually and spiritually in a loving, safe and positive atmosphere through a blend of hands on and teacher directed learning activities. This is accomplished by providing a variety of learning experiences in an environment where learning is fun and exciting with teachers who are nurturing and responsive to your child’s needs.

Our Philosophy…

What we believe about early childhood education and development:

Each child is a child of God and should have an equal opportunity to develop emotionally, intellectually, physically, socially and spiritually to his or her fullest potential. Children need a safe nurturing environment to encourage them to learn, grow and be happy. Children are naturally curious, learning primarily through guided play. Children learn through all their senses while experiencing active involvement with concrete objects. A mixture of large group and individual activities allows children to expand their horizons and also progress at their own speed. When provided with a strong foundation and confidence in their abilities, children will become lifelong enthusiastic learners.

Our Goals and Objectives…

The following goals are reflected within developmentally appropriate activities in the curriculum.
· Promote Christian attitudes, values, and actions
· Promote positive self-concept
· Develop Social Skills
· Encourage reasoning through first hand discovery
· Encourage language development
· Encourage creative expression through art & music
· Promote respect for other individuals
· Expand verbal communications skills
· Build on fine and large motor skills
· Develop and eagerness for learning